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The POINT with the INVENTION is:

The QUADRUM steam motor under development is number 4. The steam is connected in serial mode = COMPOUND. That is to say, the outlet steam from the high pressure cylinder is connected directly to the inlet of the low pressure cylinder.  Next version under development is the number 5,  a "tripple" connected QUADRUM (high-> medium- and low pressure cylinders)  with the outlet from the medium pressure cylinder connected to the low pressure cylinder inlet.

  • A higher energy effectivity and reduced discharge of flue gases and significant more clean flue gases thanks to complete combustion and the use of centrifugal dust filter.
  • Optimal effect with a steam temperature from 180 to 250 degrees centigrade with a pressure from 5 to 35 bar.
  • Where to use the QUADRUM: mini- and small CHP:s with the effect of 1,5 - 250 kWh, steam powered boats, pumps and so on.

1. CHP = Combined Heat & Power  (electricity)

The all over efficiency will be increased by using the SteamMotor Finland Ltd newly developed steam generator, the QUADRUMINA.                                                             QUADRUMINA:s water volume is only of 5 (five) liters of water insted of a regular slow heated steam boiler with 100 to 500 liter of water.                                                          The QUADRUMINA do not use so much more  energy even if you increase the pressure from 10 to 20 bar.                                                                                                                 For the QUADRUMINA we have all required drawings and pressure calculations ready. Now the QUADRUMINA-project only awaits more development founds to start the welding works and testing of the boiler.

With a heat exchanger you can collect the ecess energy out from the totally sealed steam & condensating system in the CHP. Mostly this heat energy is used for heating houses in the cold region on our earth. In the more tempered areas the heat can be used for cooking, washing or desinfecting items.

2. The industry

The ecess heats from the steam condense and the flue gases from the QUADRUM & QUADRUMINA are to be used energy effectively by drying out the fuel to the burner that will be used in the near future.

3. Makes a decentralized energy production possible.

By using the QUADRUM & QUADRUMINA CHP all around the contry where you have access to bio-mass energy, you make yourself  independent regarding the elctricity and the heating power.

4. Transforming of Energy.

From an electric generator connected to the shaft of the QUADRUM you can feed an electrolytic water maker that splints the water molecyles to oxygen and hydrogen.  This hydrogen feeded into a fuelcell gives you elctricity for mobile use.

5. Effectivates the energy flow from bio fuels.

From pellets, forest waste, yathrophia bushes, community waste and the heat transfer out of the tropical sun you can re-use getting electricity with a QUADRUM-CHP.   

A stabil development for the production of energy is that the different fuels are used very closed to where they have appeared or are produced. This way we minimize the the stress on the environment. 

6. Todays problems and possible models of solutions.

It is more economical today to reduce the emissions from the producing of energy than from the traffic. During the time of changeover there is a possiility to use hybrid technics in the traffic section and then electrical driven vehicle provided with accumulators charged from a hydrogen fuel station.

The other way is that the vehicle is provided with electrolytic device making the right amount of hydrogen matching the need of power. No need of storage of hydrogen in pressure tanks.

From todays (atomic and coal) driven power plants there is a hughe loss of condensing energy stright out to the sea or up in the air. As well all the hughe losses from the exhaust gases from diesel- and coal power plants. 

The total costs of the energy in Finland consits mostly of transport costs due to that the state of Finland do not own any electric power lines. The power lines are very sensitive to storms and falling trees. Many shorter or longer cuts in the power supply is the result. Using a QUADRUM & QUADRUMINA CHP of your own, you will be independent and not suffer from these power cuts in the power companys feed.

To achieve four MWh:s (Mega Watt hour) electric effect it will come up one to two "man years" of work in the production of energy.

With the increasing amount of people on our Mother Earth, soon 2,7 miliiard, are most of them totally dependenig of bio fuels as fire wood, waste from agriculture and the communities.